Dean Message

The Transport and Logistics system is one of the most important pillars on which international trade relies. As, nowadays it becomes a major trend for the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Egypt's geographical location qualifies it to be a global hub for trade. This requires a modern and developed transport and logistics system, Which is carried out by Egypt, such as the new Suez Canal, the promising economic zone next to it, East Port Said Port, its new Suez Canal, land transport network, new airports, the new city of Alamein and other projects.

The College of International Transport and Logistics is a professional entity which specialized in  teaching the multidisciplinary fields of Logistics and supply chain management.

The Departments Logistics of International Trade, Logistics of International Transport and Logistics & supply chain management. The College is an educational center and an expert house aimed at serving the industry in the field of International transport, logistics and auxiliary sciences such as economy and law in Egypt and the Arab world, through the provision of specialized educational programs in addition to providing training, research and advisory services in this specialty.

Our ambition has no limits in the development and expansion of international transport facilities and logistics in accordance with the objectives set not only locally but also internationally, where the College has witnessed many credits and partnerships with several universities around the world.

The CITL welcomes you to join us in sharing our enthusiasm, our future aspirations, our achievements and our great ability to do much to solve the problems facing people all over Egypt, the Arab world, the Middle East and Africa.


Dr. Sara El - Gazzar

Dean of the College


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