Transport Logistics Management

Transport is a backbone of the world global trade and it is a growing source of complex challenges for the future. The Transport Logistics Management department was established as the first professionaldepartment in the Middle East specialized in transport logistics operations and business. Theprimary purpose for the TLM Department is to develop the understanding of transport operations and the related logistics activities, also to developskills and best practices amongst transport professionals and decision makers.

The TLM Department makes a significant contribution to resolving the skillsdeficiency faced by the transport logistics sector. Throughoutthe years TLM courses have developed to reflect the rapidly changing nature ofthe transport logistics management sector to equip the students for theirprofessional careers. The TLM course portfolio spans across the principles oftransport, logistics operations management, transport modeling, multimodal transport chain, planning and sustainability.

The courses take students across wide variety of modules within a range of contemporary research topics thatcan be supervised by professional bodies. TLM students are taught and directedby staff that are not only at the front of academic researcher, but also havepractical experience as advisers and consultants to high profile organizations.Equipping students with the vocational skills they need to secure employment and develop a promising career is at the core of the TLM mission.

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