TEMPUS (Trans European Mobility Scheme for University Studies) is EU educational program, funded by the European commission, was established in 1990 to support the modernization of higher education and creates an area of co-operation in countries surrounding the EU. Tempus is based on a simple philosophy that has proven to work: people-to-people intercultural exchange, projects based on the transfer of knowledge and expertise and bottom-up grass-roots approach to higher education reform. The present project which is financed by Tempus, is considered as a Joint Projects partnerships between higher education institutions in the EU and partner countries. The benefit from this project is to develop, modernize and disseminate new curricula, teaching methods and materials, as well as boosting quality assurance and management of higher education institutions to enhance education performance in the field of interest.


Jointly with other 3 local universities, 5 international university, and 3 multi-national companies, we won a huge project with TEMPUS. The ultimate Goal is to develop jointly with the partners and according to the local needs of the Egyption market 4 masters as follows:

1. Master of Eng. in Industrial Systems & Operations Management

2. Master of Eng. in Quality Systems & Management

3. Master of Eng. in Industrial Human Factors Engineering

4. Master of Supply Chain Management & Logistics


1. Local Universities:

     a. Ain Shams University

     b. Arab Academy for Science & Technology

     c. Fayoum University

     d. Misr University for Science & Technology

2. International Universities

     a. TU Clausthal

     b. Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg

     c. The University of Oviedo

     d. School of Business, Jönköping University

     e. The University of Nottingham

3. Industrial Companies

     a. ABB

     b. LEONI

     c. P&G

For more info, please visit www.iems-eg.com

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