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Saturday, 19th October, 2019

College of Management and Technology

2.3.1 English Section

LH 182 Business English I  
The course focuses on enhancing students’ four language skills. It aims at enabling them to deal with oral and written business texts with ease and precision. The course is also designed to promote students’ confidence to actively interact in business contexts, sit for and conduct job interviews, give oral presentations and write relevant business correspondence.

LH 183 Business English II  
The course aims at equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently participate in an English-speaking business context. The course is also designed to promote the students’ four language skills and lexical/grammatical knowledge to the level appropriate for modern business dealings. In addition, the course encourages self-study through directing students towards Internet research.

Elective Courses

EX 406 Speech & Communication Skills 
The course aims at equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively in oral business interactions. It also helps them develop the appropriate attitudes to deal with common business communication problems. Moreover, the course is designed to enhance students’ ability to give presentations/speeches and participate in group discussions/ meetings.

EX 408 Franҫais des affaires
This course aims at refreshing the language skills of students who studied French as a first or second language during their school years. Due to its moderate lexical and grammatical progression, the course will enable students to respond correctly in both social and professional business situations. It will also facilitate understanding the most common business documents and help students communicate orally with French speakers in authentic situations.

2.3.2 Arabic Section

Business English I  LH 192
This course presents students with authentic topics and materials that are current and essential in the business field. The course also enables students to understand and use basic terms and structures needed to communicate in the business world as well as listen for gist and for specific information. It also equips students with the skills needed to give mini-presentations and hold basic conversations in a number of business topics.

LH 193 Business English II  
This course aims at familiarizing students with different concepts, topics and terms related to the business environment. It also deals with the key functional areas of business interaction such as telephone conversations, meetings and socializing, providing students with the necessary tools to interact in a fair manner. Skills work is emphasized, particularly listening and speaking, and a considerable amount of business vocabulary is introduced and utilized.

Elective Course

LI 410 French for Beginners  
This course targets beginner students who have very little knowledge of the French language. Through slow and easy progression, students will be able to fulfill their essential needs in communication. By the end of the course students should reach a certain level of autonomy through online practice which will help them develop different language skills.

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