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Wednesday, 13th November, 2019

College of Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology

LI 151 ESP I

 Introducing authentic fisheries oriented texts, ESP I course aims at enhancing learners’ four language skills, improving their general and technical lexical repertoire and preparing them to communicate their ideas effectively. The course is also designed to train learners to apply the principles of the writing process, analyze the main constitutes of academic paragraphs and write well-structured academic paragraphs.


Building on the different strategies introduced in ESP I, ESP II further enhances learners'' four language skills. The course aims at enabling learners to decode technical discourse in English with ease and precision. It is also designed to develop learners’ oral production and academic writing, focusing on effective presentation skills and writing academic essays respectively.


This course introduces students to the basics of scientific writing through presenting various types of technical reports. Summarizing, paraphrasing and source documentation are also addressed in depth to enable learners to write informative and concise scientific reports. The course further introduces the guidelines of writing dissertations and scientific papers.

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