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Wednesday, 01st April, 2020

International Training

Students travel to study two subjects of their choice at the University of Autonoma, Spain, within the framework of the joint program between the Spanish University and the Arab Academy. Students will be able to learn about the modern European views and trends in media and benefit from the experiences of professors as well as practical training in the region and university studios and accredited programs




Sheridan University in Canada offers a summer internship opportunity. The training focuses on a variety of disciplines in the field of media such as sound, mixing, lighting and the role of light in influencing cinematic language, as well as, editing through using the latest soft wares available in the field. This training is based on the editorial and journalistic aspects from a research and a practical perspective in the branches of journalism, radio and television.



Elaf Translation offers a training course in its branch in Dubai. The training covers a variety of disciplines and techniques, which are recognized in major companies so that students are able to deal with texts from various scientific and practical fields, which also require high levels of accuracy in the processes of drafting and linguistic analysis.

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