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Thursday, 14th November, 2019

Documentary Training Course

This course aims at teaching learners the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking. It is also designed to teach the theoretical, aesthetic and technical principles of non-linear editing for documentary. During the course, learners will practice how to digitize and organize source material, create basic effects and titles, develop sequences and organize and edit their raw materials into a polished final product. Through six weeks of thirty six hours of developing distinctive documentary data, learners analyze the editing styles and techniques used by the filmmakers nowadays to formulate, construct, and deliver digital audio, video and motion graphics. Learners also practice applying the emerging digital production techniques to the changing world of mass communication while maintaining high standards of artistic expression, which help them depart from traditional or comfortable ways of thinking, to explore, to wander, to get lost, to journey down unfamiliar channels and emerge with renewed perceptions in order to innovate and add to cinematic practice.


Duration: 6 weeks (36 total number of hours)
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