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Sunday, 28th November, 2021

Documentary Training Course

This course is basically designed to teach the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking. It aims at developing learners' knowledge and context of documentary filmmaking by exploring the history of the documentary genre. It progresses learners' technical and operational skills as well as their research and proposal writing skills. It is also designed to teach the theoretical, aesthetic and technical principles of non-linear editing for documentary. Principally, learners will be taught how to: digitize and organize source material, create basic effects and titles, develop sequences and organize and edit your raw materials into a polished final product. It is also designed to analyze the editing techniques used by the filmmakers nowadays.

Classes include Producing, Directing, Camera, Lighting, Sound Recording, and Editing. Students apply what they learn by creating two-minute individual observational films, and by producing two short group projects in production workshops under the guidance of their instructors. Following production and post-production of each project, students screen their work with their classmates and instructors and engage in critiques and discussion.


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