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Wednesday, 20th November, 2019

Writing News Articles (News Coverage) Course

The course is designed to teach learners how to gather and evaluate information to present stories for the public. Introducing the challenges of the constantly evolving world of Journalism to learners, the course provides learners with the core skills of news judgment, news writing, basic reporting and editing, in addition to covering news from diverse communities. The course also enables learners to develop their critical thinking skills while reporting and editing news stories. Through twenty seven hours of practical training, learners learn how to research and evaluate appropriate sources and background materials for a news story, understand news values and concepts of newsworthiness and be able to apply them, develop an understanding of writing and the news story structure that is sufficient to write for news media and become aware of some common sources of news and how these can be incorporated in news writing.

Duration: 3 weeks (27 total number of hours

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