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Sunday, 24th October, 2021

Online Translation Lab




Campus Wide Multi Media Language Centre

From classroom to campus, Our Translation lab is the world’s only software based language laboratory enabling both tutor led teaching sessions and unlimited independent student learning from home or on the move.
Today’s professional language laboratories encompass so much more than simple one to one audio and classroom management techniques, they are highly evolved interactive systems combining live professional quality audio active comparative communication & engaging exercise applications.
With Translation lab’s unique Dynamic User Licensing system, any computer can randomly become a teacher or student position, or simply work as an independent study position enabling simultaneous class lessons anytime anywhere across the institution. This multi room solution gives maximum flexibility with the best use of the institutions teaching and timetable resources. This intuitive package comes complete with various engaging activities such as
• Live Professional Audio Quality
• Examination Mode
• Tutor Controlled Playlists
• Multiple Mixed Ability Groups
• Automatic Voice Insert Technology
• Vocabulary Testing Activity
• Random Pairing Routines
• Text to Speech Technology
• Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting
• Model Student Imitation Activity

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