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Sunday, 24th October, 2021


The Diploma in Applied Linguistics, offered by College of Language and Communication (CLC) – Alexandria) in collaboration with Alexandria University, is a degree offered to all those interested in pursuing a career in the field of Applied Linguistics, English Language learning and teaching and who wish to join the Masters programme in Applied Linguistics and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). It is a three-semester program for individuals who already have a bachelor's degree and wish to specialize in teaching English. The diploma provides a balance of theoretical and practical learning.
It provides its candidates with the necessary basic knowledge, the required specialised training, and more significantly enables them to pursue their studies in the field of Applied linguistics or English for Specific Purposes. In short, the Diploma programme qualifies learners to take an active part in any further graduate studies in the field of Applied Linguistics and/or English language teaching and training. This program caters for the specific needs of graduate students, both inside and outside Egypt, to pursue their studies in the intriguing field of applied linguistics.

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