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Tuesday, 28th September, 2021

Artistic and Cultural Events

Activities are an integral part of the Deanery of Student Affairs. They promote a sense of community and loyalty to the AAST, while serving to enhance the social, intellectual and developmental growth of students as individuals or as members of organizations. By engaging members of the CLC in collaborative efforts, activities nurture extracurricular skills, leadership, independence and helps students develop a full-rounded personality.
Hence, the Deanery of Student Affairs holds various activities throughout the academic year. The activities held range between social, cultural, sportive and entertainment activities. 
Social & Cultural Activities entail organizing seminars by professionals in different areas, such as translation, directing, literature etc, cultural visits to museums or professional institutes, such as visiting the Middle East News Agency or the Egyptian Media Production City. The cultural and social activities also include attending  information sessions or conferences held by other departments of the AAST, where the CLC sends two of its cornerstone committees- Organizing Committee & Media Coverage Committee- to handle students’ and guests’ entrance, as well as to document Visual content of the event. In addition, the Vice Deanery of Student Affairs nominates some of the CLC’s most distinguished students to host events, such as the visit of Coptic Pope Tawadros II. Besides, the CLC holds plenty of sportive events, such as the sports day etc.
As for the Entertainment Activities, they are aimed for familiarization with colleagues and members of the CLC, such as Welcoming parties and Orientation Days. It offers the students the opportunity to get to know their staff members and each other better.


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