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Postgraduate Programmes in Applied Linguistics in Collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

Published: Monday,24 October 2016 14:01 | Hits: 1

These programmes offer Diploma, Masters and PhD degrees in Applied Linguistics. They are designed to provide an opportunity to build on and extend students’ knowledge and develop expertise in issues that relate to current debates in the field of Applied Linguistics by exploring a broad range of subject areas. In addition, they offer internationally recognized degrees, which significantly improve their holders` employment prospects.

The programmes are intended for any postgraduate candidate interested in the application of language research to language pedagogy, teachers of English who wish to upgrade their professional status and students with a range of diverse career goals: those who wish to further their career prospects and professional development, or those who have an interest in doctoral research and aspire to work in higher education.

The programmes are open to all graduates of English Departments of the Faculties of Arts, Alsun and Education or any other equivalent disciplines provided that they are in compliance with the admission requirements set by the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University and the AAST.

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