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Sunday, 28th November, 2021


Humanities Department is one of the four CLC Departments. It is the one that offers the introductory courses to all CLC students in the first two terms of their academic life. These courses furnish the necessary base required for any student seeking to establish a career in the fields of media, and language and translation. Our courses enable students to determine their future academic steps.

Semester 1    Semester 2   

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
LCA114 Arabic Language (1) noneN/A
LCC116 Introduction to Computer Applications noneCourse material
LCG111 Grammar noneN/A
LCH130 ESP (0) noneN/A
LCI112 Introduction to Literary Texts noneN/A
LCL113 Listening noneN/A
LCR115 Writing & Reporting noneN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
LCF121 Phonetics noneN/A
LCL124 Second language 1 noneN/A
LCM126 Introduction to Mass Communication noneN/A
LCN125 Novel (1) noneN/A
LCP123 Poetry 1 noneN/A
LCT122 Translation 1 noneN/A