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Sunday, 28th November, 2021

A Master’s Degree in ESP (The Masters Professional track)

With a total of 48 credit hours, this track is made up of 16 modules (3 credit hrs. each). Full-time students complete the program in two years and part-time students in five years at the most. To obtain the degree, students have to pass a comprehensive exam at the end of the program.

Semester 1    Semester 2    Semester 3    Semester 4   

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
AP 701 Functional Grammar GraduationN/A
AP 702 Phonetics and Phonology GraduationN/A
AP 703 Academic Research Writing GraduationN/A
AP 704 Semantics and Pragmatics GraduationN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
SP 711 Principles of Applied Linguistics Term1N/A
SP 713 Methodology in ESP GraduationN/A
SP714 Intercultural Communication Term1N/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
SP 721 Syllabus Design and Materials Development Term2N/A
SP722 Technology and Language Teaching Term 2N/A
SP724 Issues in ESP Translation Term 2N/A
SP725 ESP Practicum Term 2N/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
SP731 Testing and Evaluation Term 3N/A
SP732 Professional Discourse Studies Term 2N/A
SP734 ESP Programme Management Term 3N/A
SP741 Corpora in ESP Term 3N/A