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Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020

Vision and Mission


College of Language and Communication (CLC) at Smart Village aspires to be a distinguished institution, both nationally and internationally, in its educational programs and research activities, contributing to community service and environment development. It therefore responds to rapidly changing developments in the arts, communication, media, and technology. Designed to meet the needs of the community, CLC is committed to educating and empowering scholars, artists, and citizens who will contribute to the world in its understanding and appreciation of the arts, culture, and humanity. It takes the challenge to become one of the outstanding academic colleges in integrating both domains: Language and Communication. It seeks success in an increasingly diverse and changing world as one of the leading language and communication educational institutions in the Arab World and beyond.  

Mission :
The mission of College of Language and Communication (CLC) is to create a dynamic learning and working environment which nurtures new ideas, creativity, research, and scholarship and develops leaders and innovators in the domains of language, media, and translation. CLC is committed to providing advanced educational programs that meet quality standards, qualifying its graduates to compete in the national and regional job markets. The college also aims to continuously upgrade the scientific research system and enhance its role in community service and sustainable development. Through traditional and innovative teaching and the use of emerging technologies the college promotes learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service to the profession and to broader community in all aspects of language and communication. Central to the college''s educational mission is the instruction of students in the essential, practical, and theoretical knowledge that they will need to succeed in their chosen disciplines. The college is equally committed through its diverse outreach activities to the engagement of a broader constituency. The college makes important contributions to the cultural growth and well-being of the people of the region and prepares students to participate in a global community as media leaders. This will best serve the nation, region and entire world in the twenty-first century. We cultivate an appreciation of the media''s special role for citizens and professional media makers working across a spectrum of cultures and political systems. We nurture a universal desire for free expression. The college aims to graduate accountable and qualified media students to serve Egypt and the region as well.          

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