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Wednesday, 01st December, 2021

Placement Test

Language Requirements
All students must provide evidence of academic English proficiency with the admission application. AAST does not exempt applicants from this requirement solely on the basis of citizenship or graduation from an English-medium secondary school. Applicants who provide valid TOEFL/IELTS scores do not sit for the placement test. The test is computer-based, administered on the premises of The College of Language and Communication. It is designed to evaluate newly admitted graduate and undergraduate international students'' ability to read and comprehend college level material demonstrating readiness for a full or partial academic course load. The results of this placement test are used to determine the English as a Second Language (EASL) support courses that newly admitted international students may be required to take. The placement test is electronically scored. The examiner will know the score directly after ending the exam. The students have to get a minimum score of 40% to pass the CBPT exam. The score is recorded and documented by the administrators of the exam.
The English Language placement test is a multiple choice question test (MCQ), which is divided into three parts .These parts are Listening, Reading Comprehension, Written Expressions, and Structure. The entire English Placement Test is designed to be completed in 60 minutes, which requires an average of approximately 15 mins per test part. This is the sufficient time for the students to complete the test. The listening part requires the students to listen to 10 mini-dialogues and choose the correct answer followed by each. The Reading Comprehension part requires students to demonstrate the ability to understand and interpret 2 reading passages followed by 10 questions each. These items specifically require students to comprehend the literal meaning, to interpret figurative language, to draw inferences from what they read, and to recognize principles of organization. The Written Expressions’ part requires the students to choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences correctly. The Structure part requires students to choose the un-grammatical word or phrase among other three correct ones.
Students MUST pre-register for this exam in the students’ admission and registration building (at smart village campus). Examiners should come to the location specified on the date and time given to them when they register.   For students sitting for the test within their country of citizenship (Egyptian students) any government-issued identification such as passport, driver’s license, and military ID are all acceptable. If you are not testing in your own country of citizenship, you MUST bring your passport in order to be tested.

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