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Sunday, 05th December, 2021

Photography Studio

The photography studio is used as a multipurpose workspace open to the students of CLC for various media projects. It is a space available to students to record high quality audio. As a photography or video studio, it is ready to handle all light and color values with its gray walls. It is also easy for the students to bring in Chroma fabric and shoot both photographs and videos. The studio is equipped with high quality gear that aids the students in their media production. Students have different temperatures of lights at their disposal because of the two sets of lights available at the studio. There are also diffusers and reflectors, which help the students reach any desired effect. For sound quality, there are multiple types of microphones: clip mic, boom mic, hand held. The studio also has 7D Canon Cameras available for high quality images and videos, accompanied with heavy duty tripods that are easy to use. In regards to the technical aspects, there is a High Definition television that displays an accurate depiction of the student’s work. It also connects to both IMacs, making it easy to display anything to the students. Both IMacs have the latest adobe applications installed to allow the students to edit their videos, photos, and more at the highest possible quality. The studio’s sound system is of a high quality to ensure the students that their audio is at a level suitable for media production.

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