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Tuesday, 29th September, 2020

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Dean Dr. Hanan Youssef: 
Born in Egypt (1969), she is the Dean of College of Language and Communication. Dr. Youssef is considerd one of the most famous Egyptian TV announcers at Egyptian TV and many Arab satellites channels, hold many episodes through her TV program ( the bridge) about dialogue of civilization and correcting Arab image internationally and she is well known abroad .Also she is chief in editor for (Bridge Magazine) the first Arab monthly magazine published in both Arabic and English language concerning with building bridges between cultures and civilization, during her Media carrier she served as reporter, journalist, media consultant at Egyptian government ministries and many other associations and as a consultant in Arab league organizations EU, and united nations as well. Dr. Hanan is the founder and executive chairman /CEO For AIDCO – Arab organization for Dialogue & international cooperation which is considered the first Arab & Egyptian civil organization NGOs deals with the role of Soft Power ( Media-culture -youth-women- education- art- sport.. etc. ) in building bridges among different cultures and civilization , The organization enjoys with very remarkable board from ministers and ambassadors from Egypt ,Arab and international figures besides its great relations with government and non-government organizations so Dr. Yousesef is very active participator in activities, centers and associations in dialogue from Arab world, Europe and different countries all over the world presented as a main speaker and keynote for many civilizations dialogue and cultures issues conferences .She holds and organized more than 300 conferences and activities dealing with dialogue of civilizations matters and defends negative stereotypes and misunderstanding Dr. Hanan is the author of many publications about dialogue of civilizations, also she is a frequent commentator on policy and media in print, radio, and on television domestically and abroad. She is a Member at Many dialogue organization and networks domestically and abroad , is involved in activities for UN organizations (UNESCO- UN peace federation), Status of Women at the UNITED NATIONS,50th Session, New York, us federation for middle east peace at commission on the status of women(csw) fiftieth session, media expert and consultant at EU organizations, member at liberal international organization in London, transparency international in Berlin , fredrichish Neumann stiffing ,konread adenaur organization in Germany, Swedish institute and Ana Lind foundation for cultural dialogue .Academically, she is a frequent lecturer at united nations university and many others Arab and international universities and she is the chair professor for international communication courses that mainly focusing on the media and dialogue . In other side, Dr.Youssef was chosen to be the person of the year 2005-2007 , Also to be the best Arab announcer in field of dialogue from Arab league 2007, After she got the golden medal at 2005 as the best Arab intercultural and in 2006 was chosen as the best woman in Egypt in culture participation.“ Dr.Hanan Youssef is one Of the most famous experts in the field of dialogue in Egypt and Arab world ,she is fully focusing on Dialogue bridges as her own intellectual project dream depends on devoting the culture of dialogue in the community and as a mechanism for co-existence , Youssef made an application for her theory in an integration approach has not been repeated , supported by her influential access as Media professor, broadcaster TV and through her founding and presidency for one of the most famous organizations working in the field of dialogue among cultures and civilizations AIDCO. Dr. Hanan believes in her dream principles, although the observers say that she did a lot in a very unique way. For dialogue activation ...but she is abouvisouly still has a lot of things wants to do in her three parallel carriers (academically, professionally and civil society as well) to help spreading dialogue culture all over the world …and she will !!!-“ (Newspapers quotes)
Dr. Heba Badr: Dr. Heba Badr is the head of the languages department at CLC. She is a lecturer at the department of English language and literature, faculty of Arts, Helwan University.  Her field of interest is in contemporary American Drama and performance. She took part in many conferences and workshops that are related to language and literature. She taught English and American Drama courses, literary criticism, grammar, ESP courses in addition to all language skills courses: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Shaimaa El Abasiry:  Shaimaa El Abasiry is an Assistant lecturer at the languages department at CLC . She teaches different English courses for almost seven years. Her fields of interest are translation, corpus linguistics and critical discourse analysis. She holds a bachelor Degree in Arts and Education and Master´s Degree in linguistics and Translation.
Hatem Mostafa: Hatem Mostafa is a Teaching Assistant in the College of Language and Communication. Fulbright Scholar: Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Portland State University. He obtained his first Diploma of English Translation from the Faculty of Arts. He obtained his second Diploma in Media and Literary translation from The American University in Cairo. He Studied Linguistics and Taught Translation at Portland State University. He is teaching Phonetics, Listening and Speaking, Grammar, Pre-TOEFL, Writing courses and ESP for the Colleges of Language and Media, Engineering, Business and Logistics. He represented Egypt in many International Conferences in Russia, South Africa and USA.

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