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Friday, 23rd October, 2020


The Director, Khaled Youssef Seminar :

Khaled Youssef Seminar from “Alexandria Film Festival” with Students of the Faculty of Language and Media, Smart Village Branch and Sheraton.

Media and culture of dissimilarity workshop:

“Media and culture of dissimilarity” in the flags of the Media Smart Village Campus:  The Faculty of Language and Information organized a workshop for the media students to let them know the culture of diversity and acceptance of the other. The workshop was attended by Dr. Hanan Youssef, Dr. Ayman Al-Sheawi, Director Dr. Khaled Bahjat and Dr. Ashraf Al-Rizaqi.

CLC Students Visit For Alexandria Campus:

Media students visited the Alexandrian campus to see the studios. also, they entered the conference hall in the campus with their dean, Dr.Hanan Yousef, and Dr. Ismael Abd El-Ghafar. 

The National Youth Conference :

Students attended The National Youth Conference in order to know how to make a live report of an event. this event was under the slogan "Open Dialogue And National Vision" to renew the religious discourse.

Cairo ICT:

This exhibit was under the supervision of the High Patronage of The President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi. The students went to see the technological developments in this exhibition.

Digital Journalism Seminar:

It was held under the supervision of the dean, Dr.Hanan Yousef and Professor Khalid Hassan. this seminar enriched the students with lots of information about the digital journalism.

El-Qahera W El-Nas:

Media students saw the studios and attended a live show. It was a tour for them in order to know how the media works including: studios, locations, photography...etc. it was a sort of induction training.

Marathon Abo El-Reish:

This event was organized by media students, they were the representatives, the ushers, organizers...etc.


Radio Station Training:

The students went to Maspero building in order to record in the radio and see the radio station, how the room is decorated and how these shows are recorded.

Theatre and Performances:

Students at the Smart Village Media Campus during their attendance of the theatrical performance “يوم أن قتلوا الغناء". At the theater of the Academy of Arts, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ayman Al-Shiwi, theater Professor and Head of the Department of Acting and The Director of the Institution of Dramatic Arts.


The Cairo Media Festival for Media Students and Colleges in Egypt:

At the Cairo University's Grand Ballroom, the Faculty of Language and Media, the Smart Village campus was invited to attend this massive event, “The Cairo Media Festival for Media Students and Colleges in Egypt”. Dr. Hanan Yousef, Dean of the College and Media Professor, was honored and the event was attended by a number of prominent artists, intellectuals and stars of Egyptian and Arab society.

The Smart Questionnaire:

Smart Village Media Students participate in the ion of their courses through the Smart Questionnaire: the college began to apply a new method to enhance the participation of students in the educational process, similar to the international universities, through the design of an electronic survey Smart Survey, which helps the students in ing the optional materials to be studied in the next semester which received great acclaim and response from students to link the educational process with modern technology.



“Cultnat” of the Library of Alexandria:

Media students went on a scientific trip to the Center of Documentation and Cultural Heritage “Cultnat” of the Library of Alexandria, located within the Smart Village. Students received a detailed presentation about the interactive 3D screens on the evolution of the stages of Egyptian history and the most important documents collected by the modern electronic authentication. The trip was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Hanan Yousef, Professor of Media and Dean of the College and the famous media expert Dr. Azza Muhyieddin.



The Health And Beauty Channel:

A delegation from the Smart Village Media Arab Academy participated in the opening ceremony of “The Health And Beauty Channel” yesterday at the Media Production City in the presence of elite media personalities and public figures.

Dr. Hanan Yousef, Dean of the College, said that there will be joint cooperation in the framework of the training of media students in the college in the programs and studios of the new channel in the upcoming period as part of the intensive training plan adopted by the college to link the scientific courses in the field of practical media to develop the quality of education for the students of the college, the delegation was represented by Dr. Hatem Mustafa and Safa Hamouda, one of the media students in term three.


Dialogue and International Cooperation

Students of Smart Village Media Campus participated in the first international dialogue with a delegation of young leaders of the United Nations and the Arab League to enhance the role of the media in spreading the culture of tolerance. The Arab Organization invited the Arab Academy to participate in this event that was for “Dialogue and International Cooperation” and Dr. Hanan Yousef, Dean of the College, nominated some students to participate in this event including: Samar Zohier, and Malak Yasser and Cevine Alshimi.


The basics of media production workshop:

The workshop was held under the slogan “The basics of media production” it was attended by: Prof. Reham Al-Amraji (Director of Training Department in the Production City, Mr. Mohammad Mahmoud and Mr. Amr Al-Said), Director of Production Department in Production City Dr. Gamal Hammad (Senior Voice of Arab Broadcasters) was moderated by Dr. Hanan Yousef, and a conversation was held with the students on how the media produces new things and its stages.

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