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“The image of Egypt in the Western media”

Published: Tuesday,26 November 2019 08:33 | Hits: 2

“The image of Egypt in the Western media”
in a seminar at the Faculty of Language and Communication in Alexandria
The college of Language and Communication was pleased to welcome Dietmar Ossenberg, a prominent figure in the media field for more than 40 years in Germany. The event was inaugurated by a spoke by Dr. Abeer Refky , the Dean of the College of Language and Communication , Dr. Bassant Attia , the Head of the Media Department , and other doctors and teacher assistants who were keen to attend the event.
More than fifty undergraduate students participated in the event .Though they belonged to different semesters, they shared the same interests in knowing how to be successful TV presenters and how to report accurately. Students eagerly asked questions concerning whether the western media is biased or not, and how the techniques in German broadcasters are different that the Egyptian ones. Mr. Ossemberg has been working in the media field for more than 40 years as a foreign correspondent, a T.V presenter and a Bureau Chief for major broadcasters in Germany .

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