BSc. in Business

Who is it for?

This degree has been developed to prepare you for the demanding and highly competitive world of business. The units draw on business practice, consultancy and research.

Course Plan

Foundation Units
Course Code Title
02 Introduction to economics
05a Mathematics 1 (half unit)
04a Statistics 1 (half unit)
107 Introduction to Business and Management
25 Principles of Accounting
21 Principles of Sociology
Further Units
Course Code Title
141 Principles of marketing
  Four Units from Group M
  Two Units from Group E or M
E Group
Course Code Title
115 Monetary Economics
16 International Economics
44 Economics of Development
20 Elements of Econometrics
M Group
Course Code Title
141 Principles of Marketing
75 Human Resource Management
32 Management Science Methods
92 Corporate Finance
127 Organizational Theory: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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