CMT Dean

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Labib is the Dean of CMT message to students:

In today''s rapidly changing and evolving world, every sunrise holds us a new challenge, and only smart persons who act today with an eye to the future. So, College of Management and Technology (CMT) strives to offer its students the chance to make their educational journey unique and prosperous, not only by providing the high education service required, but also through facilitating sports, social, and fun activities. More important, CMT provides its students with the necessary tools needed for a successful career. I and my colleagues are all keen to make your academic years an asset for your life, your careers, and your future. In a world of tough competition, innovation, and technological advances, our college is aiming at international excellence and recognition for its academic and research programs. In CMT we encourage our students to explore the world outside the school''s campus through summer training which helps them to acquire skills and harging them positively towards the completion of their programs and towards successful employment. Congratulations for being a student at CMT where quality is not a slogan but a principle that guides our decisions and actions on a daily basis. I am confident that we can together maintain enjoyable and creative climate required for facing challenges imposed by contemporary dynamic global business environment and keep pace with changing needs of labor market. College family and I are welcoming new and old students and we are all ready to help every one of you reaching his personal objectives. keep up the good work of making a contribution to our world and enjoy!
Thanks & Good Luck,

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