Regarding events organized by the college, CMT has done and continues doing several activities and events in order to enhance the student’s skills, capabilities and competences. In addition orientation sessions are being held at the beginning of each semester in order to familiarize the new students with the new educational atmosphere and culture.

The alumni center in the college with the collaboration of the central alumni central organizes an annual job fair in which different job opportunities are offered, in addition to the announcement of job offers on the Alumni page of the CMT and different sessions and training programs offered.

The CMT provides a range of services for disabled students ranging from educational, health and social support services.


Khalil Gamal & Jory Bakr 

Artistic and cultural accolades

Building CMT theater




Sport Day

Campus art exhibition

Studio Recording sessions

I Events

Catalogue 2019

Catalogue 2020

CIB & Live Session


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