Offering an innovative open Education system, practical and focused on personal development which means that our students acquire skills (entrepreneurship and mastery of methodological tools), qualities and Human skills (openings to different cultures, listening, and presentation and communication skills). Moreover, according to a rigorous and precise approach each student is accompanied to develop its Professional Project.

Join the French section will allow you to DEVELOP your personality:

  • Departments of marketing and International Business Finance and Accounting: During the first two years the student will have an initial training in management, accounting, finance, IT and marketing, and basic techniques. In the third year, the student chooses one of the following specialties: Marketing and International Business, or Finance and Accounting.
  • Evolve your knowledge and skills: We will help you develop your knowledge by learning the various branches of management and know how to apply what is studied with what happens in real life. In addition, the student will acquire the communication and presentation skills in addition to other skills.
  • Visits and internships in companies: The student is required to visit companies in order to know how the content of the subjects taught in our school is applied in real life and this work is counted as our goal is that the student benefits from each course. In addition, our students have the opportunity to do internships in French companies.
  • Student Exchange (Egypt and France): The student can spend a semester at one of our partner schools in France
  • Free choice of courses: As the credit hour system is applied, so the student has a possibility of free choice for his courses.
  • Orientation toward your favorite career: Visits and internships to local and international companies help the student to choose his favorite careers.Moreover, the professors of various nationalities and the sessions organized by the French section provide freat guides for our students.
  • Competent teachers of various nationalities: The French section us characterized by competent and qualified teachers of various nationalities we have French, Tunisian, Algerian, Canadian and of course Egyptian teachers.
  • Ability to obtain a double degree: if the student spends the 7th and 8th semesters in one of our partner schools in France.
  • Encouragement to face today''s challenges: Our program is focused and centered on encouraging students to face the challenges of the real world.
  • Successfully know your true interets: The small number of students in teh class will enable each student to speak well and know his true interests.

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