Course Contents

  1. Administration and Management pf procurement and stores.
  2. Career path plan and performance appraisal.
  3. Crisis management.
  4. Delegation, Work Allocation and Staff Motivation.
  5. Effective HR Management.
  6. International Business Administration.
  7. Inventory Control.
  8. Management competence in government departments and agencies.
  9. Management in the 21st Century.
  10. Managing Negotiation process.
  11. Modern Production Management.
  12. Moving towards an electronic government.
  13. New Methods in Organizing.
  14. New methods of purchasing and dealing with suppliers.
  15. Planning & Production control.
  16. Production Strategy.
  17. You as a Manager: Your Role, Responsibilities and Self Management.
  18. Statistical Quality Control.
  19. Statistical analysis using SPSS.
  20. Strategic Planning.
  21. Successful Business Planning: Planning for Quality.
  22. Successful Leadership and Organization Change Management.
  23. Time Management for Managers.
  24. Top management, present and future challenges.
  25. Women and Economic and Social Development.