Logistics Courses

  1. Air Transport Principles
  2. Business Logistics Management
  3. Claims and Compensation for Marine Pollution by Oil from Ships
  4. Container Terminals Information Systems
  5. Costs Systems in the Different Fields of Transport and Computer Applications
  6. Customs Clearance and Procedures in General, with Particular Emphasis on Containerized Cargoes
  7. Economics and Management of Liquefied Gas Carriers
  8. Economics and Management of Oil Tankers and Oil Pipelines
  9. Financing and Investment in Maritime Transport
  10. General Cargo Storage Operations in Ports
  11. General Navigation
  12. International Commercial and Marine Arbitration
  13. International Conventions Relating to Carriage of Goods by Sea
  14. Logistical Application in the Transport Sector
  15. Management and Economics of Liner Container Shipping
  16. Management and Economics of Maritime Transport
  17. Management and Operation of Oil Terminals
  18. Management and Operation of Passenger Ships
  19. Management of Environment Friendly Supply Chains
  20. Marine Insurance Claims and Compensations
  21. Maritime Law and Marine Insurance for Non-Legal Professionals
  22. Marketing Study of Air Transport
  23. Occupational Safety and Health in Transport in General and in Maritime Transport in Particular
  24. Port Management and Operation (Current and futuristic approach)
  25. Practice of Time Charter Parties
  26. Rail Cargo Operations Management
  27. Reverse Logistics
  28. Risk Management and Insurance in the Oil Industry
  29. Shipping Agencies and Freight Forwarders
  30. Strategic Planning of Seaports
  31. Supply Chain and Logistics for the Merchant Marine Fleet
  32. The Legal, Economic and Managerial Aspects of the International Safety Management Code
  33. The Principles pf Maritime Transport
  34. The Role of Commercial Banks in Financing Maritime Transport Projects
  35. The Role of Communications Technology in Identifying Stored Cargoes and Containers
  36. The Role of Inventory Management in the Supply Chain and Logistics
  37. The Role of Third Party Logistics Services Provider
  38. Total Quality Management in Supply Chains and Logistics
  39. Voyage Charter Parties for Tramp and Bulk Ships

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