When Egypt opened up for international competition and foreign investments, the issue of training its officers became a critical issue for development. Recognizing this problem the AASTMT created, under the current development of education in Egypt, the Francophone-Exchange Program and Management Program (Finance / Marketing).

Under the patronage of the Consulate of France in Alexandria and in partnership with prestigious French universities, the French section preferred 3 dimensions: international level, personal development of students and the practical side.

We assure you:

  • A bachelor in "Finance" from AAST, EMN or Euromed;
  • A bachelor in "Marketing" AAST, EMN or Euromed;
  • Studying Semesters in France without additional fees;
  • A bilingual program (French / English);
  • An educational approach (theory and practice) of high quality;
  • Competent teachers of various nationalities;
  • Adaptation to local and international markets;
  • Summer work/training (Egypt and France);
  • Visits to large companies and factories; and
  • A continuation of study of the Master degree in Egypt or France without additional charge.
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