Study Plan

  • Year one /semester one: Core courses: 4 courses are to be ed (12 credit hrs)
Course Code Course Title
EBA630 Economics
EBA650 Marketing Management
EBA660 Managerial Finance
EBA670 Operations Management
EHR630 Organization Behavior

  • Year one/ Semester two: Major Courses: 4 courses from the chosen major (12 credit hrs)
  • A major is offered only if the registered students’ number reaches the minimum requirement for a major to open

Marketing Management

Course Code Course Title
EMK610 Consumer Behavior
EMK620 Promotion & Personal Selling
EMK630 Distribution Channels Management
EMK640 Seminar in Marketing Management
EBA680 Human Resources Management
EGT640 Advanced Marketing Management

International Business

Course Code Course Title
EIB630 International Marketing
EIB640 International Finance
EIB650 Global Economics
EIB660 Planning and Production Control
EIB670 Total Quality Management
EXP640 International Business Administration

Finance and Banking Management

Course Code Course Title
EFN620 Financial Markets & Institutions Management
EFN610 Commercial Banks Management
FIN947 Credit Analysis Management
FIN948 Financial Derivatives
IFI721 Asset & Portfolio Management
EFN650 Seminar in Banking and Finance
EGT660 Advanced Finance & Investment
EIV620 Investment Management

Human Resource Management

Course Code Course Title
EHR620 Labor Economics & Legislation
EHR610 Performance Management
EHR660 Web- Based HR System
EHR640 Managing Intellectual & Human Capital
EHR650 Strategic Reward Systems
EHR670 Seminar in HR Management
EBA680 Human Resources Management
EGT650 Advanced Human Resources Management

Management Information System

Course Code Course Title
EEB650 Information Technology Management
EEB630 Systems Analysis and Design
EEB690 Database Management System
EEB660 Decision Support and Data Warehousing
EEB680 Network Management System
EEB640 IT Projects Management
EGT610 MIS and E- Business

Project Management

Course Code Course Title
EPM610 Project Management Essentials
EPM630 Project Estimating & Financial Planning
EPM650 Project Progress & Cost Control
EPM660 Project Contracting & Procurement
EPM640 Project Risk Analysis

Supply Chain Management

Course Code Course Title
ESC650 E-Supply Chain Management
ESC640 Global Supply Chain Management
ESC610 Logistics Management
ESC670 Modeling & Decision Support Systems
ESC630 Supply Chain Management
ESC620 Customers Relationship Management

Oil and Gas Management

Course Code Course Title
EOG610 Energy Economics
EOG620 Oil & Gas Management
EOG630 Global Oil & Gas Industry
EOG640 Oil & Gas Finance & Risk Analysis
EOG650 Energy Policy & the Environment

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Course Code Course Title
EHT610 Hospitality & Tourism Synthesis
EHT620 Marketing Management in Hospitality & Tourism
EHT630 Electronic Tourism & Hospitality
EHT640 Human Resources Management for Hospitality & Tourism
EHT650 Quality Management in Hospitality & Tourism
EHT660 Financial Management in Hospitality & Tourism

Managerial Accounting

Course Code Course Title
EAC610 Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
EAC620 Cost Management
EAC630 Internal Control & Ethics
EAC660 Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting
EAC650 Decision Analysis & Risk Management
EAC640 Investment Decisions
EGT630 Managerial Accounting

Media Management

Course Code Course Title
EMM610 Advertising Management
EMM620 Electronic & Digital Media
EMM630 Media Production
EMM640 Storytelling
EMM650 Broadcasting Business
EMM660 Event Management
EMM670 Media Theory & Design
EMM680 Entertainment & Film Business
EMM690 Social Networking
EMM700 Journalism

  • Then the student should study 2 more courses equal to 6 credit hours in the third semester as follows:
Course Code Course Title
BIS960 Research Methodology & Dissertation Writing
EBA600 Strategic Management

  • The student then prepare a research thesis in the same third semester (6 credit hours) and finishes fourth semester (18 credit hours) as follows:
Course Code Course Title
THE950 Thesis part 1
THE955 Thesis part 2