• Realize the distinguished level and precedence in education.
  • Recruit and retain academically prepared and diverse student body.
  • Recruit the nationally and globally recognized faculty members.
  • Develop and support prominent undergraduate and graduate programs that satisfy the national and international requirements.
  • Realize the distinguished level and precedence in research.
  • Encourage student volunteer activities and community service.
  • Develop infrastructure and financial resources.


  • Excellence and devotion in education.
  • Democracy, mutual respect and integrity.
  • Academic research transparency.
  • Equality and justice.
  • Social responsibility.

Program Map

1- Program Title:Marketing and International Business.

2- Intended Learning Outcomes

2-1 Knowledge and Understanding

  • Know the scientific methods to resolve problems and take decisions on different managerial levels.
  • Understand the foundations for preparing plans, programs, and policies in accordance with the institution’s requirements.
  • Perceive  the foundations of marketing feasibility studies and evaluate investment proposals.
  • Learn the foundations of designing organizational structures, systems and administrative manuals for the various activities in the institution.
  • Understand the modern managerial philosophies such as total quality management and restructuring and taking advantage of opportunities and applying it in different work settings.
  • Learn principles of leadership and influencing others.
  • Understand organizational communication and work relationships.
  • Understand principles of motivation of others.
  • Know the principles and concepts of policies, strategies and plans and requirements used to meet the expectations of organizational stakeholders.

2-2 Intellectual Skills

  • Ability to practice creative and innovative thinking when facing different managerial situations.
  • Link between environmental changes and decision making patterns.
  • Preparing scenarios, strategies, and different models to deal with managerial issues and situations.

2-3 Professional/Practical Skills

  • Prepare strategic plans and working plans and policies
  • Prepare and design different work systems.
  • Design and develop organizational hierarchies.
  • Design and manage management information systems and databases.
  • Prepare feasibility studies and project evaluation.
  • Prepare marketing and sales plans.
  • Financial analysis and investment projects evaluation.
  • Analysis of Markets.
  • Prepare plans and programs for usage, development and maintenance of financial and human resources, as well as other resources.
  • The practical application of modern scientific methods and systems in the field of Business Administration.

2-4 Transferable/Key Skills

  • Learn effective time management.
  • Practice effective communication and influencing others.
  • Practice team work.
  • Apply cognitive and intellectual development and continuous self-learning.
  • Learn methods and techniques for solving problems with high competency on individual or institutional level .
  • Gain presentational skills and dialogue.
  • Learn self-management and dealing with work pressure.
  • Practice innovation, development and continues improvement in work.
  • Use terminologies related to program topics.
  • Proficient use of a widely used foreign language.