The Bachelor of Business Administration (BSc.) in media management intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Educate business and media leaders who can hold various positions within the graphic industry, the media, contemporary businesses and visualization businesses and organizations working media.
  • Educate students to be media planners, analysts, and producers.
  • Develop students' communication and planning skills.
  • Develop students' skills which enable them to produce an effective marketing communication plan.
  • Acquire and develop students' skills within business administration field through courses such as marketing, economics, public relations and strategic management.
  • Provide students with strong knowledge of media theories, and technology.
  • Prepare students to work in careers related to media and communication industries including but not limited to radio, television, film, cable, Internet, advertising agencies and others.
  • Develop students' skills to create effective and innovative ads and help them create their own recruitment advertisements.
  • Help students analyze and solve media related problems in different business and cultural contexts.
  • Emphasize the adoption of ethics in planning, designing and implementing media strategies. 
  • Develop students' skills through integrating technology and media tools in all aspects of planning, editing and production.
  • Enhance students' argumentation, presentation and marketing skills.
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