Job opportunities

On completion of the four years, students will be qualified to work as media managers and marketers, media production managers, consultants and advisors in media and business organizations, media research analysts, and designers and media managers in advertising, communication, and design agencies. Also, students can work in a wide range of administrative roles in business, government, teaching, research and design.

Semester load is determined for each student (number of courses for student to be enrolled in) according to his/her previous academic achievement (either full load or under probation load). Students can register 6 subjects per semester if their GPA is above 2.00 and not more than four subjects if it's less than 2.00. It is accepted that students may register 7 subjects in a semester if their GPA is above 3.4. The BSc. in media management consists of 48 courses which include 31 core courses, 2 elective courses, and 15 major courses.


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