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University of London International Programmes at AAST- Cairo

Degrees and Certificates Offered: The students study to earn one of the degrees or certificate listed below from University of London under the academic direction of LSE

1.      Social Science (CertHE) – Certificate of Higher education

2.      BSc in Economics and Management – degree

3.      BSc in Business and Management – degree

4.      BSc. in Finance and Banking – degree

In addition to earning a BSc in Business from the College of Management and Technology- AAST

Duration of Study: A minimum of four academic years

Requirements for entrance:

1.      Fulfill the requirements for acceptance at CMT-AAST

2.      Pass an entrance exam in Mathematics and English (examined up to IGCSE O-Level English Language and Mathematics courses)

3.      Oral Interview with the programme administration

4.      Present a statement of interest in no more than 150 words

Kindly download This File:emfss-prospectus.pdf


Mobile: +2-0123163336/+20-106 777 9963

Email: cmtsh.ip@aast.edu

Facebook Page: University of London International Programmes at AAST Cairo Egypt

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