The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (hereafter AAST) is a Registered Center for University of London International Programmes ( ). It is approved to provide teaching and support to the following programmes which has academic direction from London School of Economics and Political Science (  CertHE in Social Science, BSc in Economics and Management, BSc in Banking and Finance, and BSc in Business and Management.

The awarding body for the later degrees is University of London (UOL). Students enrolled in the programme are registered as UOL students as well as AAST students. Students study the curriculum set by LSE, which is equivalent to their in-house curriculum, tuition is provided by AAST faculty members exams are set and assessed by academics appointed by LSE, and administered through the British Council in Cairo.  Accordingly, both the degree and the transcript are issued and awarded by UOL. The certificate you receive will state that you were registered with the University of London and will include the name of the University of London College or Colleges that conducted the examinations, in this case, it is LSE.

Students studying with AAST are also awarded -in parallel- a BSc in Business Administration from the Arab Academy, accredited by the Supreme Council of Higher Education in Egypt. The awarding body for this degree is the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, College of Management and Technology.

Tuition for this dual BSc degree is administered over a minimum of 4 academic years for A-level students or the equivalent. OL students receive the degrees over a minimum of 5 years. Students have the opportunity to transfer to a UK university, including LSE, after finishing the first 4 units of their degree (normally one year of UoL programmes, but two years at AAST in the parallel degree programme), conditional on their academic achievement and each university’s regulation.

Each BSc degree is composed of 12 full units, a number of which are compulsory and the rest are ed from an optional list of courses.

The ions in some cases are restricted by AAST to smooth the equivalence with its local degree.

Acceptance to the programme requires obtaining a high school secondary certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education in Egypt, passing a placement exam in mathematics (Sample exam is available through: ), sitting for a personal interview set by AAST, in addition to obtaining an English language proficiency score in line with University of London requirements

An application to the programme and placement exams start in February of every year, and normally continues until August. Announcements for the placement exams are communicated via the Facebook page of the programme: University of London International Programmes at AAST Cairo Egypt,   and on AAST website ( or by contacting the programme administration via email: or mobile phone: +20-10231 63336 /+20-106 777 9963


Tuition Fees for the program:

Tuition is divided into three parts AAST tuition fees are announced annually on AAST website and through its admission office examination center fees (British Council) UoL fees are updated annually through: Please check the link below for the exam timetable set by University of London International Programmes


Final Acceptance is granted on the basis of academic achievement after satisfying the requirements of both AAST and AAST follows the requirements of Supreme Council for Higher Education. UoL requirements are accessible through


Joining UOL International Programmes at AAST means that you have:

-          International Education at your hand

-          Internationally Recognized Award

-          Prestigious Degree

-          Academic Direction by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

-          World Wide Excellence and Expertise

-          World Wide Employability and better access to top Universities for pursuing Graduate Studies.

For full details of the degree structure download the prospectus from: