BSc in Economics and Management

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CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
AC1025 Principles of Accounting None N/A
EC1002 Introduction to Economics None N/A
MT 105a Mathematics1 None N/A
SC1021 Principles of Sociology None N/A
ST 104a Statistics1 None N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
EC2065 Macroeconomics EC1002 & MT105a N/A
MN1178 Business & Management in Global Context NoneN/A
MN3032 Management Science Methods ST104a & MT105a N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
FN3092 Corporate Finance EC1002 & MT105a N/A
MN2177 Core Concepts in Management MN1178N/A
MN3141 Principles of Marketing EC1002 or SC1021 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
EC2020 Elements of Econometrics EC1002&MT105a&ST104aN/A
EC2066 Microeconomics EC1002 & MT105aN/A