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Honoring our students at “Fouad St Revival Contest”

Published: 2016-04-11 14:25:39 |

Students of Architectural and Environmental Design Department have been honored during the revival of Fouad St contest in March 2016. The contest has been organized by faculty of engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt. Our students are:
• Mohamed Alaa Farouk
• Myan Alaa
• Maii Hassan
• Aly Eid
• Omar Alaa
• Mohamed Magdy Elbannan
• Nourhan Alaa
• Salma Moustafa
• Mahmoud Mohsen Ghabbour
• Ahmed Mohamed Fawzy
• Khaled Mohamed Sherif
• Ahmed Mohamed Toukal
• Jasim Mohamad Saied
• Amr Saber Solaiman