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Interrogating Practice (Preparation, Performance & Praxis) By Prof.Robert Brown and Prof. Ahmed Elseragy during the RIBA visit in AEED

Published: 2018-11-11 20:06:49 |

Moderated by Prof. Ahmed Elseragy the head of the Architectural Engineering and Environmental design Department (AEED) , the symposium was held in Farsi Hall in the Arab Academy for Science ,Technology and Maritime Transport titled `Interrogating Practice (Preparation, Performance & Praxis) ` which was performed by Prof. Robert Brown (Professor of Architecture in school of Art ,Design and Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Humanities ,University of Plymouth –UK ) in the form of talk and discussion . Prof. Robert Brown introduced himself as he is interested in place making , identity and urbanism and worked primarily in UK and also in USA done research work in Kenya Malawi and Asia .Mainly, he discussed the issue of education and its relation with practice in the changing world where unpredicted events happens frequently. In addition, he deliberated the term of praxis which is defined as practice having a sense of a critical awareness of a sense of purpose. In the end ,he clarified that people you need to think of the relation between education and practice as a mutual relationship .
Afterwards, Prof Ahmed ElSeragy has noted that the students should accept other ideas based on dialogue and build confidence. Next , he moderated the following two speakers. The first was Iman Hegazy which discussed a topic about `reviewing the impact of power on the aast students` showing her past experience in AAST as an architecture student and her study abroad experience in Germany
Following was Sara Mokhtar , she discussed the concept of learning to learn to develop her skills as an architecture student. She talked about her scholarship and application to universities abroad to study architecture and her travel to Nottingham winning an international competition and representing her country as an Egyptian Architect .The moral she said that the students should believe in their selves to achieve their dreams. Finally Prof Ahmed ElSeragy has opened the floor for a discussion with the audience