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City As A Game

Published: 2017-12-16 11:26:16 |

City planning hugely impacts our lives hence planners should put into consideration all aspects and s related to people’s day to day lives. This Seminar discusses city planning as a game inspired by computer games like “simcity” which are based on programming languages such as Pyton scripting. It is divided into three parts:
The First part is held by Dr.Haytham El Sharnouby, presenting how (GIS) can be used to deal with Geo-referencing data. This can help in designing city Infrastructure such as electrical lines, sanitary pipes as well as design considerations related to radiations and shadows of buildings. Finally, how to deal with 4D GIS relating to time management is addressed.
The Second Part is presented by Dr.Hamad Hassan about City Information Modeling (CIM), exploring how design decisions can be implemented using simulations based on behavioural aspects and using City Engine in generating solutions and different scenarios.
The Third Part is held by Mohamed el Farargy, presenting city planning as interactive and dynamic models and tools of rendering using photorealistic lighting software.