Activities Inside AASTMT

  • Central Energy Committee to discuss the energy problem all over the AASTMT has been established.
  • Different technical studies have been made and some of them has been implemented such as:
  • Using LED lighting technology, and hence the led lighting has been used in7th engineering building and will be spread for the other building.
  • On grid Photovoltaic (PV) to share in supplying the 7th engineering building, which can deliver about 100kw by covering the whole roof by PV. 
  • Remote monitoring of the electrical loads in order to assign the priority of the project to be studied.
  • Working in Tempus project and one of the project objective is to develop a center of excellence in energy in AASTMT. Moreover, develop a master program in energy which is currently prepared for accreditation phase.
  • A study for using solar heater in hotels is reviewed.
  • Different studies have been carried out to review suggested proposals related to energy saving from AASTMT brandies Cairo, smart Village, Aswan, etc.
  • Share in preparing the study and curriculum of electrical and energy department in smart Village.
  • Prepare a workshop about energy problem and solution with Maritime Research and Consultation center. 
  • Committee Decision .  


  • Updating building B photos 


  • Building G photos   


  • Planning meetings to reduce loads


  •   Air quality monitor photos


  • Smart meters, energy consumption in buildings is monitored to help in the energy conservation plan                                                                                                                  

  • Total energy used GJ and area m2


  • The Arab Academy provides technical support to Damietta Container and cargo Handling Co.


  •  Policy of Energy Management and Environment


  • Aswan PV station photo