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Why Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design in AASTMT

To cope with the needs of the Egyptian and Arab societies as well as the regional and international market demands, the College of Engineering and Technology at the Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport, decided in 1997 to establish a department of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design (AEED).

Engineers specialized in architecture and environmental design deal with the built environment. They synthesize human needs, environmental possibilities, building technology, and aesthetic values into designs. The emphasis of this program is on preparing students to become practicing designers. Thus the major focus of the curriculum is the design studio in which students deal with projects of increasing complexity. As these designs must satisfy both aesthetics and technical requirements, students have to understand construction and engineering problems associated with building design. Studio work is complemented by courses in history and theory of architecture, human sciences, building technology, environmental controls, and structures, with computer as accessible tools to all students.