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The program offers the degree of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design (AEED). The candidate for the (B. Sc.) degree is required to pursue scholastic quality and complete a plan of study prepared with his academic advisor and approved by the Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Department Council.

The program of Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design is completed in ten terms, where students desiring to apply in the program enrol from the first term. In the first and second terms, four courses related to architecture in the program are covered among other common basic courses for other engineering programs. These courses serve as a criterion of evaluation for the student studying for the Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design.

The student must successfully achieve 180 credit hours in five years at least, among which 160 credit hours are of core courses and at least 20 credit hours of elective courses. If a student chooses to study more than 20 credit hours of elective courses (10 courses), the Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is calculated taking the highest grades among these courses.