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Practical Training

Procedures of Practical Training

1- Student standard can be raised to the level that enables him (her) to cope with professional work and to practice it efficiently by the aid of field practical training. This can be accomplished within two periods.

  • First period, two weeks after completion of 90 credit hours (equivalent to the fifth semester).
  • Second period, two weeks after completion of 126 credit hours (equivalent to the seventh semester).

2- Out-of-the-country practical training, offered by the national committee of student exchange for technical training, is provided for students with high grade achievements in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

3- Student can get the training application from the Mechanical Engineering Department.

4- Student should fill out the training application and choose three suitable companies in which he or she can perform the training from the list issued by the college.

5- Student submits the training application to the training coordinator in the department.

6- The coordinator reviews the students’ applications and s a suitable company for each student according to his or her choice.

7- Student should receive a formal letter from the Dean’s Office, a preliminary acceptance letter from the training institution, and a practical training report heading to the practical site.

8- Students who are willing to engage in a practical training of their own choice (not issued by college and offered by a local or an international training institution) will still need an official letter from the Dean’s Office addressed to the requested training institution to confirm a preliminary acceptance letter from the training.

9- After finishing the practical training, students should submit their training reports to the training coordinator in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

10- Student should perform a presentation for new skills gained from practical training. The student is graded “P” for pass or “F” for fail.

Companies enrolled in practical training

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Student List Summer 2014

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