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Graduation Projects

As students in the department reach the ninth semester, they are asked to for groups for researching a certain topic of their choice out of a list of suggested topics or even a topic of their own. The purpose of this graduation project is to further prepare our students for team working environments along with becoming self- dependent researchers.
Each group of students are advised and supervised by one of our own professors and lecturers throughout the project, they can also rely on their academic advisor for further help in order for them to meet the tangible requirements of the degree.

Project Preparation and Discussion

  • The group shall prepare the project at the last year (9/10 semester) and submit it to the College in due date course before discussion.
  • Each student shall submit coverless copies of the project documentation for examination purposes, they also have to be prepared separately.
  • The Project must be written in English.
  • An abstract written in both Arabic and English shall be attached to the Project. The abstract shall comprise the objectives and conclusions of the project, the Student used in the preparation of his project.
  • The Graduate Studies Director shall fix the date of the examination in coordination with the supervisor of the Student and the examiners.
  • The Student's supervisor may participate in discussing the research findings.
  • After the examination, the Student shall make all the corrections and include all the remarks required by the board of examiners submit five final copies of the Project to the College, two of which shall be kept at the College, two in the Academy's Library, and the fifth copy shall be approved and returned back to the student.
  • The examination board shall comprise three members at least nominated by the Colleges' Dean the Board shall comprise one external examiner or more, the supervisor(s) of the Student, and one internal examiner or more from inside or outside the College.

Using Material Protected By Copyright

When quoting extensively from copyrighted material, the Student must obtain permission from the copyright holder and acknowledgements must be made.

Graduation projects research topics

  • Artificial Leg design and implementation
  • Design and Implementation of a Secure E-mail System
  • Software and Hardware Network Applications
  • Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network
  • An electronic newspaper with auto-classification
  • An Intelligent Spy Navigating Robot
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
  • Smart Home and Wireless Applications
  • VOIP Networks
  • Neural Networks Applications in Satellites Guidance
  • An Educational Peer-to-Peer Digital Library
  • Automated Medical Diagnosis Systems (AMDS)
  • Intrusion Detection System Based on Active Network Technology
  • Tracking a moving object with a Mobile Robot using Un-calibrated Moving Camera(s)
  • Wireless security System

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