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Markets & Job Opportunities

Industrial Engineering programs of study prepare graduates for careers in all phases of industrial, manufacturing and service firms. It qualifies them to perform different managerial and technical functions that require scientific and engineering background. By combining the study of science, mathematics, engineering fundamentals, design, management and quality principles, the programs provide a unique background and a sound basis for life-long career development in engineering practice, research, or management.

Recent developments such as wide spread industrial interest in systems approach, information systems, advanced materials, manufacturing processes, global firms, Supply chain, and quality systems have made the Industrial Engineer’s entrance into management even more likely. They are trained to have familiarity with qualitative and quantitative methods interaction and control. At present, the demand for Industrial Engineers exceeds supply assuring job opportunities expected to expand rapidly in the future.

Career opportunities for Industrial Engineers cover a whole spectrum of industrial systems and service systems. Industrial systems include ,but are not limited to : Automotive, Aerospace, Apparel, Basic metals, Beverages, Building materials, Chemicals, Computers, Appliances, Electronics, Equipment, Fabricated metals, Food processing, Glass, Ceramics, heavy machinery, Paper, petroleum refining, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Power utilities, Publishing, Textiles, Tire and rubber, Wood and furniture. Service Systems include, but are not limited to : Banking, Education, Communications, Financial services, Government, Health and medical, Hotel, Information, Insurance, Repair and maintenance, Restaurant, Retail trade, Transportation, Wholesale trade, Transportation, and Warehousing