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A regularly admitted graduate candidate who has not registered for two semesters must apply for readmission.  A candidate is not guaranteed continuing graduate status if (s)he does not enroll for a period of two consecutive semesters.


An applicant who is forced to withdraw from the program during the academic year or at the end of any semester may be granted the opportunity to return.  However the period of withdrawal should not be for more than two consecutive academic semesters.

Leave of absence

The College has adopted a leave of absence policy that permits the candidate to continue his/her education.  The following principles govern the leave of absence policy:

  • An applicant must make a written request for a leave of absence to the Dean.  The request must include the reasons for the leave and the time the student plans to be away.  Leave of absence will generally be granted for one or two academic semesters.  A leave may be further extended upon written application and approval of the Dean.
  • An applicant who is granted a leave of absence due to medical reasons may be requested to submit a clinical evaluation to the College before being reinstated to the Program.