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Dismissal from the Graduate Program

Candidates who fail to maintain satisfactory academic grades, academic performance in the major field or a satisfactory performance in the required examinations shall be dismissed from the graduate program.

The candidate's registration for the Master degree shall be cancelled by the College after the Dean approval.  Cancellation shall be effected in the following cases:

  • If the candidate fails to obtain the degree within five years starting from the date of registration, taking into consideration any leave of absence.
  • If the candidate fails to meet the requirements of the study courses, if his final cumulative grade point average is less than 3.00/4.00, or if the number of the courses in which the candidate's grade is 2.00/4.00 exceeds two courses.
  • The candidate shall be officially notified if the supervisor(s) submits a report requesting cancellation of registration for reasons accepted by the Dean.
  • If the candidate's thesis is unanimously rejected by the assessment or the examination committee.
  • If the candidate requests cancellation of registration in writing or fails to pay the tuition fees.