Why Construction & Buildings Engineering in AASTMT

Construction and Building Engineering offers a flexible, well-rewarded and diverse career with the chance to work and travel all over the world. Our society would not work without Construction and Building Engineering. Infrastructure supports our daily life—roads, harbors, railways, airports, hospitals, sports stadiums, schools, access to drinking water, and shelter from the weather. Because it works, we take it for granted. Only when parts of it fail, or are taken away, do we realize its value.

Today, civilization relies more than ever on teams of inventive people to design, build and maintain the sophisticated environment that surrounds us. People who find they are drawn to Construction and Building Engineering as a career look to find challenge, self-expression, achievement and personal reward through their work. If you would like to combine your technical knowledge and creative flair to solve problems, Construction and Building Engineering is an excellent career choice.

For Construction and Building Engineers, it is the way they can change our surroundings and improve the lives of millions of people that draws them to the profession. They see whole projects through each stage from feasibility to design and implementation. Construction and Building Engineering offers unparalleled opportunities to work overseas. By becoming professionally qualified, you will be able to enter the international workplace and work abroad for the short or long term. The major highlight for most Construction and Building Engineers is the satisfaction of seeing tangible results of their hard work.
With a sound grasp of science, math, and technology Construction and Building Engineers can design, create, and build structures efficiently, making best use of available resources and techniques. Through realistic construction-based group projects, you gain practical experience of applying your engineering judgment and working successfully with others.
By studying Construction and Building Engineering you can suit skills, qualities, and many other professional settings through which you can offer:

  • creativity and an innovative approach to solving problems;
  • the ability to analyze and interpret diverse and complex data;
  • critical thinking and the ability to evaluate designs, plans, and projects;
  • effective assessment and management of risk, resources, and time;
  • highly developed numeracy and computer use;
  • interpersonal sensitivity, persuasiveness, and the ability to work as part of a team;
  • clear written and oral communication skills; and
  • awareness of ethical issues and the wider impact of your work.

Choose Construction and Building Engineering, make the right choice right.