Postgraduate Research


  • Establishing an excellence center(s) in specific research area;
  • Serving the local, Arab, and African communities;
  • Encouraging for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation between different areas of research; and
  • Technology transfer.

Research Interests

  • Construction management improvement
    • Project management
    • Contracting and specifications
    • Quality management
    • Inspection, testing and quality control
    • Coastal zone management
  • Infrastructure development
    • Roads and highways
    • Railways and airports
    • Ports
    • Water resources
    • Evaluation and health monitoring of different structures and infrastructures
    • Infrastructure networks (Electricity, water, oil, etc.)
    • Serving structures (Bridges, tunnels, electricity power lines towers, etc.)
  • Green building and sustainable construction
    • Materials and structures for sustainable development and green buildings
    • Methods and construction engineering
    • Irrigation systems
    • Energy conservation
    • Environmental Impact Assessment