• Energy and Power Engineering


    Advanced energy systems are an integral part of many industries, and a fundamental understanding of thermofluids engineering is critical to the improvement of many engineering devices. A range of research activities are being undertaken in the department in thermodynamics, energy, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. The objective of much of this research is to improve energy systems and reduce their environmental impacts.

    The research includes investigations of advanced energy technologies, efficiency improvement methods, alternative energy sources, and environmentally conscious engineering.Sample topics in this area:

    • Exergy analysis of thermal and other engineering systems to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental characteristics.
    • Investigations of building energy systems aiming at improved heating and cooling systems for homes.
    • Studies to improve the efficiency and environmental impact for cogeneration and district energy systems.
    • The application of thermal energy storage in integrated energy systems, and assessments of the heat losses from underground thermal storage.
    • Electricity generation using conventional (fossil, nuclear) and new (fuel cell) methods.
    • Efficiency improvement of alternative (e.g. solar energy) technologies.