• Degrees

     The program offers the degree of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering. The candidate for the (B. Sc.) degree is required to pursue scholastic quality and complete a plan of study prepared with his academic advisor and approved by the Mechanical Engineering Department Council. The number of credit hours required for graduation is 180 (cr. hr.) spreading over 10 academic semesters. The program allows the student to take studies in areas of particular interest, where technical electives may be grouped under one of four specialized technical major optional areas

    All graduates are considered to be fully qualified Mechanical Engineers regardless of the ed emphasis area. The emphasis areas are differentiated by the ion of the 21 credit hours of elective courses available within the program. Although there is not an official recognition of the emphasis area on the degree certificate or on the student’s transcript of study, the department has a well defined curriculum for each emphasis area.  The curriculum and emphasis areas are described in the CET Catalog and advising materials provided to every student. In addition, the final year students of the ME program may the topic of their final year graduation project according to the emphasis they choose.