• Research Fields

    The department covers the following fields of research:

    Design and Vibrations

    • Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems.
    • Vibration isolation.
    • Flow induced vibration in pipelines.
    • Rotor dynamics
    • Magnetorheological bearings, clutches and brakes.
    • Bio engineering Human joints, artificial limbs.

    Fluid Engineering  

    • Emulsion through diffusers and heat exchangers.
    • Two-phase flow.
    • Pipelines leakage detection.
    • Reduction of friction losses in pipelines.
    • Aeration systems.
    • Pump performance analysis.
    • Chemically reaction flow
    • Bio fluid mechanics
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

    Renewable Energy  

    • Energy generation from renewable energy sources.
    • Water desalination using solar energy and wave energy.
    • Wind energy wind turbine performance, vibrations, control and  power generation.
    • Power generation in remote isolated areas.
    • Energy storage Systems.
    • Environmental engineering Impact assessment of renewable energy devices.

    Thermal Engineering  

    • Air-conditioning systems
    • Vapor absorption systems.
    • Natural gas refrigeration systems
    • Heat and mass transfer.
    • Steam and gas power generation.
    • Energy saving in industrial processes.
    • Cryogenic technologies and liquefaction applications.

    Automotive Engineering

    • Car pollution and emissions control
    • Hybrid car systems.

    Control and Mechatronics Systems

    • Modeling , simulation and control of mechatronics systems.
    • Fault detection and identification.
    • Dynamics and control of robotic systems.
    • Nano systems
    • Smart materials.